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Kaizen is the top brand on the market when it comes to ephedrine products.


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As a competitive bodybuilder I have been using Kaizen Ephedrine very regularly over the past few years. Kaizen is my favorite brand when it comes to Ephedrine products; their reputation & trust surpasses all other brands in the industry. No other ephedrine product has been on the market as long as Kaizen ephedrine (according to my knowledge).

Being a competitive bodybuilder means I often have to cut down and lose a lot of fat in a short period of time. I do this by combining exercise, diet, as well as kaizen ephedrine and caffeine. I have found that no other product or fat burner yields the same results as ephedrine and caffeine. What I like the most about ephedrine and caffeine is that it spares my muscle and only burns my fat. Looking lean and cut on the bodybuilding stage requires having a ton of muscle, but also very little fat. So for that, I thank Kaizen.

I’m going to outline a typical EC (ephedrine and caffeine) cutting cycle that I run leading in to bodybuilding shows.

Week 1: 8mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3x Daily

Week2: 16mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3x Daily

Week3: 24mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3x Daily

Week4: 24mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3x Daily

Week5: 24mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3x Daily

Week6: 24mg Ephedrine + 200mg Caffeine 3x Daily

Then I usually take at least four to six weeks off.

For my morning dose of ephedrine and caffeine I sometimes substitute out the caffeine pill and simply toss my ephedrine tablets into my morning coffee, this is completely tasteless and effective! Another huge benefit I notice with kaizen ephedrine is the energy boost I get when I’m cutting. Ephedrine helps keep me energized and keeps my physical performance in the gym top shelf. Not to mention that when I am cutting I love the fact that ephedrine helps keep my appetite under control.

Another alternative to the ec stack is ephedra diet pills. Ephedra diet pills consist of ephedrine and caffeine in a single capsule.

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